About Search O' Pal

Reconnecting People

Search O' Pal is a community of people who belong to different countries and professions. People can become part of this community and enjoy the leverage to search and reconnect with ex-colleagues, alumni and friends. This community also provides the opportunity to connect with new people.

Behind Search O' Pal

Ameer Hamza Baig
Co-Founder & Technologist

Ameer Hamza is the Co-founder and technologist of Search O' Pal and a Software Engineering student at NUST. He has great interest in developing robust web based systems that not only look good but also perform good.

He prefers using latest technologies for development purposes and has worked on multiple college and personal projects. He started his IT journey by learning simple web development and then moved towards web applications.

Faraz Mirza
Co-Founder & CEO

A Formanite and NUSTian evolved into an entrepreneur with 10+ years of Industry experience with a proven track record in IT, IT Training, business development, sales, project management, enterprise software development, mobile and web app development for SMEs and technology consultancy.

Faraz is also running the following businesses:

  • Founder & CEO: Simcoe IT & Simcoe Training [www.SimcoeIT.com]
  • President: Mughal Geo [MughalGeo.com]
  • Active investor in real estate industry